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Steps to Fitness

Steps to Fitness

Fitness is different for each one of us. Depending on your stage in life, your current fitness level, and your health, fitness can mean anything from taking the stairs to running a marathon. In Steps to Fitness, you'll learn how to safely to increase your strength and fitness level by setting goals and developing new habits.

It's all about moving

Physical activity increases your overall health, energy level, and your sense of well-being. Your body was built to move! By finding activities that interest you  - walking in the park or museum, playing tennis, rowing a boat - you'll discover that you will be doing more and feeling better without "exercising!"

Over the six-week program, you'll receive an email each Friday with easy-to-follow fitness strategies, tips and videos for developing new habits to move! Every Tuesday, you'll get a short check-in email to help you stay focused on your goals, along with a prayer or reflection.