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Steps to Healthy Eating

Steps to Healthy Eating

We all know that good nutrition is a key element in maintaining and improving our health. In Steps to Healthy Eating, you'll learn easy-to-follow nutrition strategies, tips for making smart food choices, and be motivated to develop new habits.

Change Your Habits

Eating is a lifelong behavior that we have learned and the foods we choose are part of that pattern. We'll teach you tips to develop new, healthier patterns for eating. You can start small - eating a good breakfast, for example - and make more changes over time. Before long, you'll find that you are making better choices and feeling great!

Over the six-week program, you'll receive an email each Friday with easy-to-follow nutrition strategies, tips for better eating and videos to help motivate you to chose healthier foods and develop new habits. Every Tuesday, you'll get a short check-in email with a prayer or grace for mealtime.