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Steps to Resilient Living

Steps to Resilient Living

How well we handle stress and adversity - whether we "bounce back" and adapt, or fall apart - is determined by our resilience. With resilience we are able to draw upon both inner resources and external support systems to adapt to changes and challenges.

Resilience can be cultivated.

Like any change in behavior, cultivating resilience begins with self-awareness - paying attention to where we are and creating a vision of where we would like to be. Steps to Resilient Living offers tips, resources and exercises to help you build your awareness for lifelong resilience.

Over the six-week program, you'll receive an email each Friday with easy-to-follow resilience strategies, select videos, and reading suggestions for building new healthy habits. Every Tuesday, you'll get a short check-in email with a prayer or meditation and a tip or reminder to help you stay focused on your goals.