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Vocational Wellness

Each CREDO conference offers the opportunity to reflect on where God is calling us at various junctures in life and career. The growth that ensues from that deep work challenges us to look not only at where we are drawn and directed, but also where restraints may be blocking us on these new paths.

CREDO conferences challenge all participants to examine and discern the entire realm of  life and ministry. Work, however we individually define it, is a multi-dimensional and ever-changing gift of God. Work offers us an invitation to share in God's work of creation and transformation. We invite you to continue to explore the richness and diversity of vocational opportunities through these vocational resources.

The Stay-Leave Continuum

A key component in vocational discernment is the decision to stay where one is or move toward and into change. The Stay-Leave Continuum offers a concise snapshot of six distinct possibilities surrounding the decision to leave your present situation or remain, to be considered with new awareness of your motivations and goals. Downloadable as a PDF, the Stay-Leave Continuum is modified from New Visions for the Long Pastorate (Alban Institute Incorporated, 1983).


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