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Who am I? The question is complex and multilayered. As a member of the Episcopal clergy, you inhabit many roles for many people: leader, colleague, confessor, counselor, celebrant, teacher, guide. Add to those the multiple roles in your personal life—parent, spouse, partner, friend— and the list could become very long. But who are you at your core—in all circumstances? What animates you? What gives your life meaning?

These are some of the questions you explored at CREDO. In the four-step, life cycle IDPT process, you will return to identity questions again and again, each time you experience a transformation. Looking at who you are and how best to express your identity is ongoing. Use these resources to assist your exploration.

Balancing the “Me” and the “We”: Identity Work as a Path toward Wellness

We all have ways to blend, align or separate the roles we play at work and home. But are we aware of what we are doing, and the toll it may take? This essay on Identity and Wellness from the CREDO-sponsored anthology All Shall Be Well: An Approach to Wellness published by Church Publishing Incorporated provides insight into the roles we inhabit and how we can manage them.

Download Balancing the “Me” and the “We”

Our identity is shaped by our core values. Revisit the CREDO booklet you used throughout your CREDO conference: Becoming Ourselves Again: Reclaiming Our Core Values.


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