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The “T” in IDPT is Transformation. Transformation is not simply change; its synonyms include “metamorphosis” and “conversion.” That is radical change, an internal makeover.

When we assess, “How am I changing?” with regard to the IDPT life cycle process, we know that change comes only after deep work exploring identity, keen listening to life in discernment, and practicing those disciplines that keep us centered and move us forward. Then we watch for transformation.

And as in all cyclical processes, the final step leads back to the first one. Transformation results in a new identity, and the IDPT circle begins once again.

Resources from the CREDO Library

All Shall Be Well: An Approach to Wellness

William S. Craddock, Jr., Editor  (Morehouse Publishing, 2009)

In two-dozen personal reflections exploring the hallmark CREDO cycle — Identity, Discernment, Practice, and Transformation— CREDO conference faculty members and researchers present an approach to wellness and vocational and personal transformation that has affected and changed the lives of thousands.


Read an excerpt from the essay “The Alchemy of Effort and Grace” found in All Shall Be Well: An Approach to Wellness, Church Publishing Incorporated. The writer, Brian Taylor, is a retired priest, author of several books and CREDO conference leader.

Download an excerpt from The Alchemy of Effort and Grace.


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