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Revisioning Retreat

In the midst of busy lives and ministries, it can seem impossible to take time away for retreat. Perhaps you are able to capture only moments for prayer, silence, and stillness, and you have promised yourself that you will dedicate an extended time specifically to your spiritual growth.

Hold yourself to your promise. Look at the calendar and give yourself the gift of an intentional retreat. After a year or more since your CREDO conference, a time of retreat and reflection can rekindle your passion for the dreams and goals you identified at CREDO.

The word "retreat" actually means to trace or make a path. While daily spiritual practice and treasured moments throughout the day are linchpins to keeping us tethered to God, a retreat offers us an extended period of time to trace new patterns in our relationship with God and make a path where busyness and daily living have overgrown our lives.

What is unique about a private retreat is not the prayers or meditations. It's not the time away from work and responsibilities. It's not the books we can read or the exercise we do. What is unique is that we are choosing to show our desire and longing for God. We are opening our souls to hear a "word" from God without the distractions of the everyday. When we show our desire, God always meets us in love. As the writer of James says, "Draw near to God, and God will draw near to you." (James 4:8)

Included below is a detailed plan for a 48-hour retreat. By dedicating two days to a deep and personal encounter with God, you are allowing yourself an extended opportunity to explore much of what you considered at CREDO. If two days is not possible now, put it on your calendar for the future, and try the two-hour mini retreat. It too can guide you into territory well-suited for refreshing your motivation for wellness.



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