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Rest and Replenish

Well-being in mind and body comes through both activity and relaxation. If the good work that you did at CREDO is to take root, you’ll need space in your life to reflect and converse with God. Your dreams and plans will wither without rest.

The truth is, self-care requires more than simple intention. Self-care requires scheduling. In addition to a weekly Sabbath for rest and worship, look at your schedule and block out a daily time that’s just for you and God. Then identify one to two hours within the next month for a mini-retreat. Put it in your calendar, and if you have staff support, be sure to notify them that you will be unavailable during that time.



Tips & Resources - Rest and Replenish
  • This two-hour mini retreat can give you a brief respite from the busyness of your daily life, and open space within to rest, replenish and revisit your CREDO experience.