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Returning to Work

Be my strong rock, a castle to keep me 
for you are my crag and my
for the sake of your Name, 
lead me and guide me.

—Psalm 31:3

You may have heard your conference leader suggest taking an extra day off from work when your conference ends. This buffer day between your last day at CREDO and your first workday will give you time to process and help ease your re-engagement. This isn’t possible for everyone, but for those who have managed it, the day proves to be a helpful transition.

Upon your return to your workplace, it may be helpful to enter it much the same way as you entered your home. Give yourself five or 10 minutes to place and ground yourself in your workspace or office. Notice the books, the papers, the artwork, the colors and textures that make this a space for creativity and service. Think back on those who have sat with you there, prayed with you there, those who have shared creativity with you. Claim space—on a bookshelf or office corner—for symbols of your CREDO experience that can remind you of your time away and what you have brought back.

As with your loved ones, schedule intentional time with your close workmates to share your gratitude for their care and support and to listen carefully to what’s happened in their lives. Let your own desire to share your CREDO experience spread out over time. Let this particular time be for them. Offer God a silent prayer of gratitude for the holy ground and holy conversation that these encounters bring.