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Strengthening Bonds

After you’ve had a few days to re-adjust to your life back home, it’s good to spend time thinking about the relationships you developed at CREDO. What relationships do you want to foster? Who are the people who can lend a listening ear, a meaningful word of encouragement, a crisp word of advice? Are there connections you still want to deepen?

Support is critical in our personal, spiritual, and ministerial lives. While we may be very self-aware, have a rich prayer life, and may be very skilled in our ordained life, we need support in order to find our way through the changes and chances that will affect us. 

Some support systems are already in place for us, and others are yet to be cultivated. Take some time to reflect on the sources of support that are already present in your life.

 Follow up with those you want in your network.

Tips & Resources - Strengthening Bonds
  • Review who's in your support network by listing your Sources of Support on this worksheet.