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Your Re-Entry

The seventy returned with joy saying,

“Lord, in your name even the demons submit to us!”

- Luke 10:17

Reconnecting with Loved Ones

Your return may be characterized by joy and excitement akin to what the disciples felt—and perhaps even a little exuberance about facing your life’s "demons"! You may feel joy about your new self-understanding and a renewed confidence in your relationship with Christ. You also may be feeling a measure of excitement about your CREDO Plan or CREDO Rule of Life that is a harbinger of the new growth you anticipate. 

Your spouse, partner, or loved ones may greet you with “How was it?” Their interest may tempt you to offer your own version of “You just can’t believe how wonderful it was! I have a CREDO Plan, we’re going to make big changes, and everything is going to be better now!”

AWARENESS is key to managing re-entry. You can show your gratitude in word and presence by withholding some of your own excitement in order to be attentive to those who share your life.
Remember these five general thoughts about your initial experience of re-entry:

  1. Give urgent or vital information (if you have some)
  2. Receive urgent or vital information (if there is some)
  3. Express appreciation for the opportunity you have had and the support from those around you
  4. Articulate your feelings and major insights about your experience—not an hour-by-hour or play-by-play
  5. Be patient! There will be time to continue to share as the days unfold

Feel the Wonder of Home

Making a psychological shift from the CREDO experience and the day of travel into your life at home is crucial to successful re-entry. Surprisingly, that psychological shift often occurs simply—in the small actions you take as soon as you walk through the door.

 Try the following exercise:

Immediately after your arrival, take five or 10 minutes to re-acquaint yourself with home. Look around, pay attention to where your eyes land, notice your feelings about what you see and offer a brief prayer of gratitude for all that makes your space home. Then do something familiar—feed the dog, make a pot of coffee, turn on music, open a window, sit in a favorite chair. If you have a spouse or partner, you might share with them some of your first feelings of gratitude for being home.

If you live alone, you may be able to take more than five or 10 minutes for this psychological shift. You might linger over a cup of coffee or spend several minutes with a favorite pet. Let your gratitude for your space become a prayer or song within you, and offer it freely to God.

Expressing Gratitude to Loved Ones

Scheduling intentional time with your spouse or partner is another way to ground yourself back home. If you are single, schedule a time to go out with a friend who knew you went to CREDO—a friend who has been an encouragement and support to you throughout the process.

During this special time of sharing, express gratitude for all that your friend or loved one has done while you were gone and thank them for giving you the time and space to learn more about yourself. Acknowledge that the experience was worthwhile and that their support made the path for growth possible. This is an intentional time to hear about their lives and offer them deep thanks for helping to make your CREDO experience possible.


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