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CREDO Books & Publications

CREDO Books and Publications

The CREDO library includes a variety of books, booklets and reports—oftentimes published in partnership with other Episcopal organizations—that identify and examine factors impacting clergy wellness and offer practices that foster well-being. CREDO publications are used both within the conference setting and as resources applicable to both the CREDO participant and a broader audience interested in clergy wellness and holistic health.

Strength for the Journey: A Guide to Spiritual Practice

Written by the Rev. Renée Miller this collection of thoughtful reflections accented with stirring color photographs is aimed at evoking mindfulness in the common activities of life, from music and movie going to reading, writing, and walking.

Check Out: Strength for the Journey

All Shall Be Well

In two dozen personal reflections exploring the hallmark CREDO cycle — Identity, Discernment, Practice, and Transformation— CREDO conference faculty members and researchers present an approach to wellness and vocational and personal transformation that has affected and changed the lives of thousands.

Check Out: All Shall Be Well

Becoming Ourselves Again: Reclaiming Our Core Values

Core values are basic beliefs or organizing principles that give our lives meaning and shape our relationship to the world around us. They direct us when we face a decision. They guide our ethics and fuel our passion for life. Unexamined, some strongly held values can also keep us stuck in unhealthy or self-limiting patterns and behaviors.

Participants at CREDO conferences are encouraged to reflect on their values and whether those values do, in fact, serve as the organizing principles for how they actually live, day to day. We all get “off track” now and then. It can be helpful to remember what is most important to us, and how we want to live our lives. This kind of honest reflection can be the beginning of a genuine transformation.

This study on Core Values was prepared for CREDO conference participants by CREDO faculty member and conference leader, the Rev. Brian C. Taylor. Now retired, Brian served for many years as rector of an Episcopal parish in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is author of several books on spirituality.

Download: Becoming Ourselves Again: Reclaiming Our Core Values

A CREDO Rule of Life

During their CREDO conference, participants open themselves to fresh discoveries of how we are called to live with authenticity—a deep discernment that informs the creation of their CREDO Rule of Life.

Developing their CREDO Rule of Life can be a holy encounter with God; it often leads to renewed clarity about who we are and how we feel called to live our lives.

The rule developed at a CREDO conference is not intended to be a replacement of a traditional rule of life —or one personally crafted. It can become an enhancement, supplementing and updating the original.

The CREDO Rule of Life takes into account each participant’s core values and how these can be lived out in the wholeness of the four component areas—spiritual, vocational, financial, and physical/psychological health. A CREDO Rule of Life is grounded in individual identity and calling, and is crafted with both structure for strength and flexibility so that it remains relevant.

“A CREDO Rule of Life” was prepared for CREDO conference participants by the Rev. Brian C. Taylor and the Rev. Renée Miller. The publication is a companion piece to Becoming Ourselves Again: Reclaiming Our Core Values.

Download: A CREDO Rule of LIfe

Around One Table Reports

Incorporating results of surveys and interviews, this report reflects back to Episcopalians their own perceptions of their Church and provides the Episcopal Church with a powerful mirror. At a time when some are discussing divisions within the Episcopal Church, this first-of-its-kind report uncovered and highlighted the commonalities uniting all Episcopalians. The Around One Table report was released by the Episcopal Church through its website in 2009.

Download: Around One Table Reports

Clergy Wellness Report

The Clergy Wellness Report seeks to provide a long-term, systemic, and strategic perspective to strengthen clergy – and ultimately the Church – through a focus on wellness.

Download: Clergy Wellness Report


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