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Video Playlist

The playlists below display all of the CREDO videos, organized by theme or topic, so you can easily access and watch the clips most relevant to your interests. Like most libraries, this one will continue to grow and expand, as we create new videos and playlists that support CREDO participants' lifelong health and well-being.

Why Wellness?

CREDO conference leaders, faculty, and participants discuss the vital importance of clergy wellness not only for individual clergy, but also for their families and the people they serve.

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Holistic Wellness

Videos focusing on the importance of wellness in general, and specific concerns that challenge our health and well-being.

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With Measured Steps

Videos offering support immediately after your return from your CREDO conference.

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Revisioning CREDO 

Continuing CREDO a year after your conference means remembering your CREDO experience and revisioning some of the plans you made. These videos focus on acknowledging what you've accomplished, remembering what CREDO meant to you and why, and allowing for time and space to envision your life going forward.

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Your Support System

Whether clergy colleague or professional counselor, mentor, coach or friend, other people can support you in your wellness goals.

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A dynamic model for well-being composed of the four phases: Identity, Discernment, Practice, and Transformation

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