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Spiritual Practice with Michael Battle

CREDO faculty member Michael Battle: Paying attention to balance through spiritual practice.

Sabbath Time

Tommy Dillon explains how he established and observes a regular Sabbath time.

Small Steps

Celeste Ventura, Joan Mason and Laurel Dahill share some strategies for a graceful re-entry to work and practical tips on organizing your CREDO conference materials

Your Support System

CREDO faculty member Debbie Royals suggests using your CREDO conference as a model for establishing your support system.

A Listening Ear

Evita Krislock, Lynn Bates and Brian Sellers-Petersen emphasize the importance of finding someone to listen to your experience soon after you return from your CREDO conference.

Reconnecting With Family

Tips on reconnecting with your spouse or partner after your CREDO conference. Celeste Ventura, Greg Brown and Norm Snyder

A Visible CREDO Plan

Frieda Malcolm, Laurel Dahill and Fredrica Thompsett describe their strategies for reminding themselves daily of their CREDO Plan.

Taking a Day Off

Taking a day off immediately after your CREDO conference can help you absorb what you've discovered and readjust to your home environment. Lynn Bates, Ron Clingenpeel and Evita Krislock

Staying Connected to Small Groups

Your small group and other fellow participants of CREDO can offer valuable support post-conference.

Achievable Goals


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