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Your Support System

CREDO faculty member Debbie Royals suggests using your CREDO conference as a model for establishing your support system

Sources of Support

A colleague support group, therapist, coach and/or spiritual director provide crucial support as you pursue your wellness goals. Tommy Dillon and Brian Sellers-Petersen.

Support Systems

Whether a group of colleagues or a coach, having a support group is very important to maintaining health and well-being.

Working with a Partner

CREDO faculty member Elizabeth McKay Moosbrugger talks about the benefits of working on wellness goals with a partner who helps keep you accountable.

Staying Connected to Small Groups

Your small group and other fellow participants of CREDO can offer valuable support post-conference.

A Listening Ear

Evita Krislock, Lynn Bates and Brian Sellers-Petersen emphasize the importance of finding someone to listen to your experience soon after you return from your CREDO conference.


Your Support System Videos