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Your CREDO Benefit

Your CREDO Benefit

As an active or retired clergy member, you are eligible for the CREDO benefit. The Church Pension Fund offers this benefit by invitation to clergy who are in good standing and are listed in The Church Pension Fund’s Clergy Pension Plan database. When you receive your invitation to a CREDO conference, you will have the opportunity to…

Examine significant areas of your life

A CREDO conference gives you the time and tools to focus on yourself, so that you’ll be better equipped to serve those back home—to be “fit” for ministry.

Discern prayerfully the future direction of your vocation

Because of the unique pressures and demands of ministry, re-evaluating or even rediscovering your own calling can be difficult. A CREDO conference removes you from your everyday ministry, while providing the foundation to help you prayerfully discern the future direction of your personal and professional life.

Respond to God’s call in a lifelong process of practice and transformation

Through a discernment and visioning process, and with the help of an experienced faculty team, you’ll focus on establishing a personal and actionable wellness plan. As a piece of CREDO to take home and carry with you in your heart, your work will serve as a personal guide for the years to come.


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