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How will the Clergy Pension Plan Revisions impact you?

Read the representative stories of six clerics to see how the Clergy Pension Plan helps provide for their retirement. Their stories highlight events that happen over a lifetime and will help you understand the Clergy Pension Plan and how it can help you provide for your financial future.

Mother Mary

Mary went straight from college to seminary, having found her calling early in life. She was ordained in her mid-twenties and began to look for her first cure.

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Father Josh

Josh was ordained in his mid-forties and was able to find a position immediately as a solo rector at a small parish. During his career, Josh serves at this parish and others. While Josh works full-time throughout his career, his salary will vary widely as he moves to parishes in different regions of the U.S.

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Mother Lisa

Lisa was ordained at age 30 and took a position as a bilingual leader for an innovative youth outreach program at an Episcopal camp. There was little salary at first but Lisa has enough in savings from an earlier job and can initially support herself.  

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Mother Pam

Pam, who was ordained in her late 30’s, has been a rector in her parish for over five years. She loves her job, but she wants to spend more time with her children while they are young. Pam and her husband, Connor, agree that she will work part-time until the children are older. 

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Father Andrew

Andrew, after teaching for 15 years, is ordained at 45 and accepts a permanent supply position in a small parish. Andrew is married to Eric and they have no children.

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Father Taylor

In his late 50s, after his children were grown, Taylor decided that serving as a parish priest was his calling and entered seminary. Taylor was a widower, so he did not have any financial responsibilities for a spouse or dependent children.

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