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Surviving Disabled Children Benefits

In recognition of the special needs of disabled children, the Clergy Pension Plan provides lifetime benefits for eligible surviving children who are permanently disabled. The benefit is paid to your surviving disabled children upon your death, whether it is before or after retirement.

  • Your child must be permanently disabled prior to age 25
  • The disability can be either physical or mental
  • The disability must be attested to by the child's physician and agreed to by the CPF Medical Board.

The benefit paid to surviving disabled children will be paid for life.

If your eligible child is an orphan, the benefit is doubled. In addition, a Christmas benefit (13th check) may be paid to children receiving a survivor’s benefit. The Christmas benefit is generally equal to their monthly benefit.

The amount of the benefit may be adjusted based on your Credited Service (CS) earned at the time of your death or, if you are retired at the time of your death.

If your dependent child becomes disabled, notify Client Services as soon as possible.

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Pensions Disclaimer

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Clergy Pension Plan Revisions

The Church Pension Fund has announced revisions to the Clergy Pension Plan and related benefits expected to be effective January 1, 2018.

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