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Retirement Options

The Clergy Pension Plan offers options that allow you to retire when retirement fits into your life plans. The monthly benefit is calculated differently for each of the retirement options and choosing an option such as early retirement will impact the amount you will receive as your monthly pension benefit during your lifetime. In addition, your choice will impact the monthly benefit paid to a surviving spouse or beneficiary.

The available retirement options are:

  Age Credited Service
Normal Retirement
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65 At least 5 years
Early Retirement
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60+ At least 5 years
30-Year Early Retirement
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55+ 30 years
Disability Retirement
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When Disabled N/A
Mandatory Retirement
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72 At least 5 years

Minimum Pension Benefit

The Clergy Pension Plan provides a minimum pension benefit based on Credited Service (CS). When your pension benefit is calculated, the minimum benefit will also be calculated, and the Plan Administrator will determine if you will be paid the minimum. A minimum pension benefit may also be available to your eligible surviving spouse.

You are eligible for the minimum pension benefit if:

  • You have served at least 80% of your ministry in domestic dioceses of the Episcopal Church
  • You are not participating in a companion plan administered by CPF
  • You were compensated during your ministry and assessments were paid in full on your compensation

A minimum pension benefit is available to eligible surviving spouses.

For more information, please see the Guide to Benefits Under the Clergy Pension Plan.

Working While Pensioned

The Clergy Pension Plan provides options for clergy who would like to continue to serve the Episcopal Church after retirement. See Working While Pensioned for more information.

Pensions Disclaimer

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Clergy Pension Plan Revisions

The Church Pension Fund has announced revisions to the Clergy Pension Plan and related benefits expected to be effective January 1, 2018.

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If you are planning on retiring in 2017 or 2018, contact CPG to schedule a retirement discussion at
(866) 802-6333
Monday - Friday
8:30AM - 8:00PM ET
(excluding holidays).

Update for Same-Gender Spouses

See updated information regarding eligibility requirements for same-gender spouses to qualify for benefits.

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