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Disability Retirement Clergy Benefit

Clergy who become severely ill or injured to the point that most likely will prevent them from ever being able to work may be eligible for The Church Pension Fund's Disability Retirement pension benefit. This lifetime monthly benefit, available to active clergy, protects against financial calamity by paying a portion of the clergy member's regular compensation.

Payment Amount

If the cleric is participating in the Clergy Pension Plan at the time of disability

  • Before age 65, the benefit, plus an enhancement, will equal 70% of regular income.
  • Once the clergy member reaches age 65, the benefit is equal to the retirement benefit he would have received had he worked to age 65.

If the cleric is vested but not an active participant in the Clergy Pension Plan at the time of disability

  • The benefit will be calculated without an enhancement based on Credited Service earned to that date.


To qualify for this benefit:

  • The recipient must be a vested or active clergy member participating in The Church Pension Fund.
  • The recipient must obtain certification from a physician that the disability is total and continuing.
  • His or her Bishop must also sign the cleric's retirement application.
  • Liberty Mutual*, which has been designated as The Church Pension Fund Medical Board for the Clergy Pension Plan, must agree that the disability is total and continuing.

Additionally, Liberty Mutual may regularly certify that the disability is ongoing until the employee reaches age 65. Benefits continue for life if the disability is still present when the employee reaches age 65.

To apply for this benefit, the employee, or his or her Power of Attorney, should call Client Services at (866) 802-6333, Monday – Friday, 8:30AM – 8:00PM ET (excluding holidays).

* The Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston (Liberty Mutual)

Disability Insurance Disclaimer

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