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Active Clergy

The Church Pension Fund provides short term disability benefits to protect all active clergy members who are plan participants. This benefit helps you continue paying your clergy their full salary for up to one year if they become disabled (unable to work due to sickness or injury).

The Church Pension Fund provides up to 70% of clergy compensation1 to you, the Episcopal Church employer, to help you hire temporary assistance while your cleric recovers. This coverage helps ensure that your church community is taken care of while your clergy get the care they need.

Maternity Leave

The benefit covers maternity leave for clergy, beginning immediately after birth and continuing for up to 12 weeks. The employer must sign a Covenant Agreement and must continue the cleric’s employment during the maternity leave and continue full compensation, including health benefits and the payment of pension assessments.

For more information, please see the Clergy Short Term Disability Benefit portion of our website or download the A Guide to Short Term Disability Benefits (Clergy).

1With a maximum benefit of $1,000/week 

Disability Insurance Disclaimer