Pharmacy Benefits

  • Most of the Medical Trust self-funded health plans include a comprehensive prescription drug benefit through Express Scripts. Groups may offer either the standard or premium pharmacy plan. The member's prescription medication costs will depend upon which plan your group offers.
  • For those with a Kaiser plan, a Cigna Consumer-Directed Health Plan, an Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Consumer-Directed Health Plan, or another fully-funded local or regional plan, pharmacy benefits are integrated into the medical plan.

Express Scripts

Filling Prescriptions

Retail Pharmacies
More than 67,000 participating retail pharmacies offer discounts with an Express Scripts ID card. Prescriptions may also be filled at any non-participating retail pharmacy, but may incur higher cost shares.

Members who want to buy maintenance medications at a retail pharmacy may do so up to three times (one original and two refills). After three retail refills, maintenance medications must be refilled by home delivery.

Home Delivery - required for most maintenance medications after three retail fills
Members may order up to 90 days of medication at one time, usually at a significant cost savings.

Saving with Generic Drugs

In addition to saving with home delivery benefits and Express Scripts retail discounts, members can manage costs by using generic drugs on Express Scripts preferred formulary list.

While members and their doctors decide whether or not to use generics, if a member purchases a brand name medication when a generic equivalent is available, the plan will cover only up to the cost of the generic drug.

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Other Plans

If you offer a Kaiser plan, or a fully-funded local or regional plan to your employees, pharmacy benefits are integrated into the medical plan. For information about prescription drug benefits with these plans, visit the plan websites below, or consult the plan handbook:

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