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Fall Edition 2017

Book Look

Working with the metaphor of a kayak paddling in a new, downstream current of retirement, prominent wellness expert Bill Craddock offers an array of provocative reflections in his new book to invite the reader to envision new opportunities, new relationships, and new ways of being. The primary purpose of these reflections is to entertain, edify, and to prepare those anticipating retirement or actually retired, with gentle yet intentional paddle strokes for guiding their life (kayak) into their later years.

Here is Bill in his own words:

“After being retired for over two years, I have experienced in varying degrees all of these feelings (that retirement is a time to detox from work stress, downshifting from a demanding career, a renaissance opportunity, or even a transformation in their lives), but my favorite metaphor is the kayak. In the past I had often reflected on the metaphor of being in a canoe paddling furiously on one side and then the other in the swift upstream career current — trying to meet other’s expectations, deadlines, and time commitments. There was no or little time to turn around and see what kind of wake I was leaving behind me. There was no or little time to sense and feel the deep undercurrent beneath me. There was no or little time to slow down and enjoy the shoreline, the foliage growing, the birds, the clouds above me.”

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.” —Winnie-the-Pooh

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