Health & Wellness News

Fall 2018

Knowing Your Healthcare Plan Benefits

by Krishna Dholakia, MS, RD, CDE, CDN

The more you know about your Episcopal Church Medical Trust (“Medical Trust”) health plan benefits, the more you can take advantage of them and positively affect your health and mental well-being.

That’s why we suggest taking our short, new eLearning course, Understanding Your Healthcare Benefits, to help you in several ways:

  • Gain an overview of your plan benefits and coverage
  • Learn how to support your ongoing wellness
  • Review basic insurance terminology

Whether you’re a long-time member of a Medical Trust plan or a new participant, this course is great preparation for Annual Enrollment (formerly, Open Enrollment). Get started now.

Click here if you are clergy, and click here if you are a lay employee.

Krishna Dholakia serves as the Senior Health Education Specialist in the Education & Wellness department at CPG. She is a registered dietitian and a 500-hour certified yoga instructor.