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Spring Edition 2017

Book Look

Following the Way of Jesus — the Jesus Movement — has been the invitation most central to Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s ministry. A new book (volume six in the series, Church’s Teachings for a Changing World) furthers that invitation.

Re-energize yourself with this dynamic set of essays from the Presiding Bishop and a team of the Church’s brightest stars, including Nora Gallagher on encountering the “other,” Rob Wright on adaptive leadership, Broderick Greer on reconciliation, Anthony Guillen on new ministries, Megan Castellan on evangelism, and Kellan Day on ministry with young people. Christians have been following Jesus together for some 2000 years. These leaders help to illuminate how we follow him in our time.

This is the new work of the Church — but it is also the old, old story.

Following the Way of Jesus is available from Church Publishing Incorporated or from your favorite local bookseller.