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Summer 2019

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In Conversation: Rowan Williams and Greg Garrett

Who doesn’t love catching up with friends and family during the summer—having those leisurely conversations that seem to get lost in the busyness of the rest of the year?

Rowan Williams and Greg Garrett had such a conversation in the summer of 2018. It has become a new book from CPG’s Church Publishing Incorporated. In Conversation: Rowan Williams and Greg Garrett is the second volume in the “In Conversation” series; the Most Rev. Michael Curry and the Rt. Rev. Barbara Harris inaugurated the series in 2017. Stanley Hauerwas and Sam Wells will be featured in the third volume, due out in spring 2020.

The concept behind the series is to sit with pairs of friends and “listen over their shoulders” to the ongoing conversation already established in their relationship. In this volume, the former archbishop, Rowan, and author and professor, Greg, discuss everything from raising teenage boys to baking bread to Shakespeare. It is a wide-ranging and lively conversation to which we can all be privy!

In Conversation: Rowan Williams and Greg Garrett is available now from Church Publishing Incorporated.

The conversation between Bishops Curry and Harris is available as well.