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Winter Edition 2018

Book Look

How Then Shall We Live? by Samuel Wells

Preacher, priest, ethicist, and author, Samuel Wells, former Dean of Chapel at Duke University, now Vicar at St Martins in the Fields, London, has never been one to shy away from the difficult questions. In this new work, he addresses many of the questions raised by a thoughtful engagement with contemporary culture. Organized in three broad divisions (Engaging the World, Being Human, Facing Mortality), Wells invites readers to consider such wide-ranging issues as social media, Israel, migration, the family, domestic violence, obesity, sexual identity, vocation, chronic illness, shame, dementia, bereavement, and assisted death.

Sam describes the book in this way:

This book is written for those who find themselves in the wilderness today — a wilderness of living in a complex world, a wilderness of coping with a challenging life, a wilderness of facing the prospect of their own mortality. It’s written for people who are sitting in that kitchen, hardly able to get the words out for fear once they start you won’t be able to quell the tears. It tells a story of the many blessings God has given, the friends and companions God is sending, and the way God can bring salvation through people that generally go unnoticed. It’s written out of a conviction that in exile Israel looked back to times God had been present in the wilderness, perhaps even more tangibly than ever in the Promised Land. It’s saying, don’t lose sight of the glory God has prepared for you, however hard it may be to see right now. Find your story in God’s story. And discover who the Bible was written for. It was written for you.

Begin your new year thinking deep thoughts with Samuel Wells as your guide: https://www.churchpublishing.org/howthenshallwelive