Vision Your Way to a Successful New Year

By Krishna Dholakia, MS, RD, CDE, CDN

Taking another shot at New Year’s resolutions? Try a new way to achieve your goals — try Seeing Your Way to Wellness.

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Articles in This Issue

Is a Financial Planner Right for You?

By Grace Longo, ChFC, CRPC, CLTC

Should you be working with a financial planner to reach your retirement goals? It might be time. Here’s what to look for.

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Maintaining Connection in Retirement

By Miki Gordon, PhD, NCC, LPC-MHSP

We all need friends and the power of community. But that gets harder as we age, especially after a move. Here are a few suggestions for starting and maintaining meaningful relationships.

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Health Guides Benefit

If you are enrolled in an Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield or Cigna plan through The Episcopal Church Medical Trust, you have access to a benefit that gives you an easy way to get answers to your healthcare benefits questions, as well as expert recommendations on how to get the medical care you need.
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Book Look: Community Rules

The stronger community or family culture you want based on Christian values is just a few rules away. Learn about the book Community Rules by Ian Markham and Katie Glover.

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Healthy Recipe: Eggs Over Kale and Sweet Potato Grits

Here’s a warm and filling dish for those cold winter days.
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Financial Tip

Thinking of opening an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or funding an existing IRA? You have until the tax filing deadline (April 15, 2019) to make your 2018 IRA contributions.


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