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Vision Your Way to a Successful New Year

By Krishna Dholakia, MS, RD, CDE, CDN

Another New Year means another opportunity for new beginnings. Whether you are starting a new goal, in the middle of pursuing one, or giving an old one another shot, creating positive and lasting change requires action, follow-through, and sustained focus.

It also helps to have a clear picture of what you want to achieve. What would success look like? What would it feel like? Imagining achievement of your goal and what it takes to get there is a process called visioning. The more you can meaningfully see yourself achieving the things that are important to you, the more likely you are to achieve them.

Combining visioning with realistic goal setting can be a powerful recipe for long-term success. That’s why the Church Pension Group’s (CPG) Education and Wellness team has created Seeing Your Way to Wellness.

This short, interactive course located in our eLearning Library, offers multiple ways for you to start your visioning process, including audio meditations and visualization exercises. The course will show you how to focus on what’s meaningful in relation to your goal and how to envision a successful outcome.

This year, try a different way to achieve your goals — try Seeing Your Way to Wellness.

To access the course, click here if you are clergy, and click here if you are a lay employee.

Krishna Dholakia serves as the Senior Health Education Specialist in the Education & Wellness department at CPG. She is a registered dietitian and a 500-hour certified yoga instructor.