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The Good Steward Newsletter

The Good Steward

November 2019

Dear Friend,

A very happy beginning of the holiday season to you! With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year all coming up, we know how busy you are, and how much good work you are doing. Here are some ideas to help your organization stay safe during this exciting time:

We hope you enjoy this issue. Email me with any feedback or questions you may have, and feel free to forward this publication to others who may benefit from it.

Happy reading!

Bill Murray

Senior Vice President and General Manager
The Church Insurance Agency Corporation

Articles in This Issue

Are Your Christmas Decorations Fire Hazards?

Consider making some updates to your usual Christmas decorations to reduce the chance of fire and lower your energy bill. Make a festive atmosphere.

Business Update: On the Ground and in Contact

When it seemed like Hurricane Barry might hit southern Louisiana hard, Church Insurance prepared for the worst and kept up communication. Make preparations.

Policy Spotlight: Property Insurance and the Episcopal Safety Program

Understand potential hazards and find out ways you can better care for your property by participating in the Episcopal Safety Program. Watch the video.

Take the Pressure Off Planning with This Resource

Seasonal and weekly entries in Planning for Rites and Rituals provide guidance and ideas—and get some bonus plans for 12 days of environmental advocacy. See what this resource can do.

From the Claims Desk: Seven Winter Weather Suggestions

These seven tips help you mitigate winter-specific property- and liability related challenges. Check for drafts, inspect for holes, and more. Put safety first.

Green Tip: Decorate with LED Christmas lights

LED lights last longer, use less energy, and are less likely to cause fires.

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