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The Good Steward Newsletter

The Good Steward

July 2019

Dear Friend,

Summer is here, and it’s a more carefree time of year! Even though you may be in a more relaxed frame of mind, it’s important to put safety first during summer events.

Here are some ways you can keep property and people safe:

We hope you enjoy this issue. Email me with any feedback or questions you may have, and feel free to forward this publication to others who may benefit from it.

Happy reading!

Bill Murray

Senior Vice President and General Manager
The Church Insurance Agency Corporation

Articles in This Issue

Security Systems: Do They Really Deter Crime?

Now that security systems are more accessible and have more available features, should you consider installing one at your Episcopal institution? Find out if security systems really help.

Stay Prepared: Five Easy Steps for Running Drills

See if your written plans for evacuation or sheltering-in-place translate well to real life. Run drills and adjust plans as necessary. Practice makes perfect.

How Technology Helps Drive Our Efficiency

Church Insurance is using emerging computer technology to more efficiently provide replacement cost estimates to clients. Discover more about our process.

Green Corner: Environmental Tips and Tricks for Summertime

Small choices can add up to a big difference! Try one or two of these summertime suggestions for a greener institution. Go green.

From the Claims Desk: Don’t Relax Safety in the Summer

Letting newcomers know the rules and keeping events structured are two ways to help boost summer safety. Put safety first.

Green Tip: Harvest abundance

Green Tip: Harvest abundance. Check out Church Publishing’s book Harvesting Abundance: Local Initiatives of Food and Faith to learn more about how community gardens and other agricultural initiatives provide healthy food to grocery programs, food pantries, and others in need.

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