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Policy Spotlight

The Good Steward

November 2019

Policy Spotlight: Property Insurance and the Episcopal Safety Program

Taking care of an organization’s property can be an enormous responsibility. There’s so much to consider! A church may house an antique pipe organ and valuable artwork or have intricate and delicate stained glass windows—and that’s in addition to upkeep of the regular meeting spaces and utilities.

Most organizations rely on volunteers, such as sextons and junior wardens, to keep their property safe and in working order. How can any one person tackle such a job? Church Insurance provides assistance.

“Our representatives are on the road most of the time, visiting the clients, walking through the property, looking at things like making a safer place to worship and reviewing the coverages to make sure they’re proper,” Steve Follos, Vice President and General Manager of Church Insurance, says.

Church Insurance representatives can visit your property to do a walk-through to help you understand potential hazards and impart ways you can care for your property appropriately. Check out this video about the Episcopal Safety Program, which features Jerry Byrd, Sexton for St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, discussing his experience working with Church Insurance.

“They were open, they were honest. They told me what I had, what I needed to do to take care of things, and they listened,” Jerry says in the video.

Those responsible for their property’s care don’t need to go it alone. Church Insurance representatives want to assist institution leaders in their goal to make a safe place for parishioners to worship and participate in community activities. The Episcopal Safety Program does just that.

As Paul Stephens, Vice President of Marketing and Risk Management Services for Church Insurance, says of the Program in the video, “Anything you need, I’m going to come out and meet with you. We’re going to walk side by side through your building and find things we can improve upon.”

Clients can think of their Church Insurance representatives as support they can always count on, ever ready to offer recommendations and assistance.


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