Employee Roster

Faster, Easier, Real-Time Employee Data Management

The Employee Roster (ER) is an online tool that eliminates the need for most CPG paper forms.

The ER allows you to do the following in one convenient online location:

  • Manage employee information (clergy data will be reflected in The Episcopal Clerical Directory)
  • Maintain an up-to-date listing of current employees
  • Enroll eligible employees in pension plans
  • Update compensation
  • Maintain your institution’s demographic information and description (the Church address and phone number, congregation size, and clergy you list in the ER will be reflected in The Red Book)

The person primarily responsible for accessing the ER is called the Senior Officer. This should be the person at your institution who currently maintains confidential employee information, adds new employees, updates existing records, and communicates pension enrollment and compensation information to CPG.

For more information about becoming a Senior Officer contact your Diocesan Administrator or IBAMS Account Manager.

Resources for Diocesan Administrators

  • Download Email Template 1
    To encourage your administrators who already have access to the ER to begin using it
  • Download Email Template 2
    To tell an administrator that you will be assigning him or her access to the ER as a Senior Officer and to look out for an email from “CPG Web Operations” with instructions for how to get started
  • Download Email Template 3
    To ask who at a congregation or institution should be assigned as the Senior Officer

Additional Resources

Employee Roster Webinar

  • Overview of features
  • Updates for 2018
  • Additional benefits of using the ER

Replay this webinar 

Presentation Slides

Connecting the ER and MLPS

  • ER enabling MLPS feature
  • What will change, what will remain the same
  • Adding employees

Replay this webinar 

Presentation Slides

Employee Roster Batch Compensation Upload

  • How to make changes to compensation for multiple clergy and lay employees at one time

Replay this webinar 

Presentation Slides

We're Here to Help

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  • Administrators - Contact Client Services at (855) 215-5990 Monday - Friday, 8:30 A.M. - 8:00 P.M. ET (excluding holidays).