Life Insurance Pension Benefit

Eligible active, inactive, and retired clergy receive a Group Term Life Insurance benefit.

Active Clergy

  • Four times the cleric’s current total compensation – up to $100,000
  • If no beneficiary is named, the benefit is paid in accordance with the default beneficiary provisions of the policy. For details, email us   to request a copy of your policy.

Inactive Clergy

If a cleric dies while not in active service, his or her beneficiary will receive a benefit if the cleric had earned at least 25 years of Credited Service. The benefit is the same as that for active clergy.

Retired Clergy

  • Four times their Highest Average Compensation
  • Minimum value of $10,000; maximum value of $50,000
  • Provided to all clergy who either:
    • Retire directly from active service, or
    • Who have earned at least 25 years of Credited Service

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