Retirement Options

Clergy enrolled in The Church Pension Fund Pension Plan have the following retirement options:

  • Normal Retirement: at or after age 65, with at least five years of Credited Service
  • Early Retirement: age 60-64, with five to 29 years of Credited Service
  • 30-Year Early Retirement: age 55-64, with 30 years of Credited Service
  • Disability Retirement: at any age if the active vested cleric suffers a total and continuing disability

Minimum Pension

Clerics who serve the Church in low-paying positions for many years with assessments fully paid will receive at least the minimum pension benefit. This benefit is also available to eligible spouses upon the death of a cleric. If you have questions, call (855) 215-5990 Monday - Friday, 8:30AM - 8:00PM ET. (excluding holidays)

Retirement At Age 72

Canon law requires all clerics to retire and resign their positions at age 72.

Working While Pensioned

Clergy may work in the Church after retirement and continue to receive a pension, with certain restrictions. View details.

Pensions Disclaimer

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