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Reports to General Convention

Reports to General Convention

Blue Book Report of the Board of Trustees of The Church Pension Fund

The Church Pension Fund (CPF) provides retirement benefits to eligible clergy and lay employees of the Episcopal Church. CPF also oversees three lines of business, benefits, property and casualty insurance, and publishing (collectively, the Church Pension Group or CPG). This Blue Book Report reviews the work of CPG during the past triennium and describes major areas of focus during that time.

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Follow-up Report to General Convention

This follow-up Report to General Convention is our Perspective special edition for the 79th General Convention. The report features CPG’s relationship with the Church, CPG’s responsiveness to ever-changing client needs, and CPG’s commitment to Church values.

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House of Deputies Committee on the State of the Church Report

The Church Pension Group Subcommittee report can be found in Reports to the 79th General Convention (The Blue Book), Volume II, beginning on page 563. 

CPF's Response to Questions Submitted by the House of Deputies Committee on the State of the Church, Church Pension Group Subcommittee

In October 2017, CPF responded to a series of questions submitted by the State of the Church Church Pension Fund Subcommittee. It addresses CPG’s relationship to the Church, CPG’s pension and health benefits programs, its financial sustainability, and its investment strategy.

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2017 Denominational Health Plan Annual Report (DHP)

The Episcopal Church’s Denominational Health Plan (DHP) is helping domestic dioceses, parishes, and other ecclesiastical institutions subject to the authority of the Church control the rising costs of healthcare. This Annual Report summarizes recent activities and accomplishments under the DHP.

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Report on the Costs of Pension Benefits in Foreign Dioceses

Resolution 2015-A181 asked CPG to conduct a study of compensation, costs, and fees for all employee benefits, including retirement, healthcare, short-term and long-term disability, etc., for clergy and lay employees in the dioceses of Province IX, the Diocese of Haiti, the Episcopal Church in Cuba, and Covenant Partners.

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Short-Term Disability Plan Feasibility Study

The Short-Term Disability Feasibility Study, as required by General Convention Resolution B016, reports CPF's findings and recommendations resulting from a study on the feasibility of a mandatory, short-term disability (STD) plan for all lay employees of the Episcopal Church. The study first identified patterns and attitudes toward STD coverage, followed by estimating the cost of providing coverage to those who do not have it. The report was shared with Executive Council in October 2016.

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