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Now Estimate Your Pension on MyCPG Accounts – Quick, Convenient, and Safe

Winter 2020

Curious about your income in retirement? Now, if you have a defined benefit pension plan with us, you may be able to estimate your income on MyCPG Accounts.

“The Pension Calculator is the latest self-service feature added to MyCPG Accounts,” Frank Armstrong, Chief Operations Officer of Church Pension Group, announced. “It gives most clergy and lay employees with defined benefit plans the ability to run pension estimates and plan for their future.”1

Using the Pension Calculator, you can run up to three estimates at a time, with different retirement ages or dates. There is even the ability to include potential salary increases. You’ll be able to see estimates on a monthly or annual basis for you, your spouse, or your designated beneficiary.

If you have a defined benefit pension plan with us, give the Pension Calculator a try and get a snapshot of your potential financial future. Simply visit and log onto MyCPG Accounts. It’s quick, convenient, and safe.


1Participants in certain situations may not be able to access the tool.