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Your Vision Benefits – Know Before You Go

Spring, 2020

If you’re enrolled in an Episcopal Church Medical Trust health plan, take advantage of EyeMed’s Know Before You Go cost estimator. This benefit can give you an idea of what you might pay before you step foot into a store or doctor’s office.

Simply log in to your member account or create one, go to the Know Before You Go out-of-pocket cost estimator, pick the type of exam you will need, and then choose from a variety of lens types, options, and add-ons. The tool includes simple, clear definitions of common lens types and other choices. The estimator presents detailed descriptions of each option, all while calculating the expected costs on the fly. You’ll see your expected costs based on your selections and vision benefits. EyeMed does the math for you!

Your account also lets you view your benefits, check claim status, and take advantage of special offers and discounts. If you download the EyeMed member app, you may be able to log in to your account with facial recognition and one-touch ID.

Remember that, as a participant in an Episcopal Church Medical Trust health plan, your in-network EyeMed benefits include a yearly exam with a $0 copay, $150 towards frames or contacts, and enhanced progressive lens benefits.