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Author’s Corner: Bishop Mark D. W. Edington

At the annual Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes (CEEP) conference in Boston in February, the room was packed for the session featuring one of Church Publishing’s authors: Mark D. W. Edington, Bishop in Charge of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe. He had come to discuss his latest book, Bivocational: Returning to the Roots of Ministry, at a special event hosted by CPG.

The book explores the impact of having more bivocational ordained professionals—ministers who work in the Church and in secular life simultaneously—in Church leadership positions. Bishop Edington himself was formerly a bivocational cleric when he served as rector of Saint John’s Episcopal Church in Newtonville, MA, as well as the director of the Amherst College Press.

The emerging clergy deployment trend he highlighted in his book was one of the inspirations for CPG’s recent Clergy Pension Plan revisions. “We know that clergy career paths are evolving. We feel fortunate that we are able to document and respond to these changes for the benefit of the Episcopal Church,” Mary Kate Wold, CPG’s CEO and President, explained. “Church Publishing plays a vital role in helping us share observations and ideas with the Church. It’s wonderful to see our clients reacting so positively to the information we are making available to them.”

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