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Mary Kate Wold, CEO and President, Church Pension Group

Coming Together

Dear Friends,

Every day, the many elements of the Church Pension Group (CPG) come together to support our vision and the values we hold in common with the Episcopal Church. It is my pleasure to send you this fall issue of Perspective, which shares highlights of our ongoing work serving those who serve the Church. Topics range from our recent roundtable on how to measure the success of socially responsible investing to client stories about the role of CPG in their lives and an explanation of why the Governor of Vermont visited our insurance office.

We also give you the inside scoop on an international gathering of benefits administrators. We introduce you to the Rev. Clayton Crawley, CPG’s chief information officer, who oversees technology and cyber security for our organization.

In addition, we look back at last summer’s General Convention, which provided a terrific occasion for all of us in the Church to come together. Along with my CPG colleagues who attended, I thoroughly enjoyed deepening existing relationships and meeting new friends. We mingled with deputies and bishops from all over the world, as well as with local retirees and a host of other participants. At our exhibit booth, during the Insights & Ideas luncheons we sponsored, and in committee hearings on various topics, I heard clear indications that the work of CPG remains in sync with the values of the Church.

If you attended General Convention, you might find yourself in one of our Insights & Ideas videos or in our photo gallery. Even if you were not there, I hope you will take a look at our exploration of General Convention’s impact on CPG’s governance and work over the next three years.

We cover a great deal of territory in this issue. I hope you find it useful and inspiring. As always, we are grateful for your support, and we look forward to continuing to serve the Episcopal Church.


Mary Kate Wold
CEO and President