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The Rev. Clayton Crawley, Chief Information Officer, Church Pension Group

Executive Spotlight

Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer the Rev. Clayton Crawley leads CPG’s Information Technology and Services (ITS) team. He is responsible for creating a unified technology and business strategy and fostering effective relationships with our technology partners. His focus is on helping CPG understand how technology can be used to fulfill our mission and how the ITS team can partner with CPG’s three lines of business—employee benefits, property and casualty insurance, and publishing—to determine the best solutions for our clients.

Over the past two years, as The Church Pension Fund Clergy Pension Plan and related plans were being revised, the ITS team stepped in to reconfigure systems and ensure that CPG remained well positioned to administer retirement benefits efficiently and effectively.

In recent years, cyber security has become an area of focus for the financial services industry. CPG’s ITS team follows industry best practices in data security, which include continually training our employees and keeping our systems and processes up to date. And while no company can stop every bad actor, CPG remains vigilant and ever focused on the task of maintaining and protecting the sensitive information that we have been given.

Commenting on a recent cyber threat, Father Crawley said, “This past summer, the unavoidable happened when we detected suspicious activity within our network. In an abundance of caution, we shut down our network to isolate the suspicious activity and to investigate its impact on our data. While this did result in some disruptions to our clients’ ability to access our website and service platforms, we are confident that no client data was disclosed externally. This incident could have been much worse had we not been prepared, taken precautionary measures, and reacted as we did. We have since made further improvements to our online security and remain diligent in ensuring the safety of the information that our clients have trusted us to protect. From this experience, I have grown even more proud of the many ways we at CPG serve those who serve the Church.

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