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From the Claims Desk: Don’t Skip These Three Tasks

August, 2020

Properly caring for a property—especially one that houses a religious organization—calls for many maintenance duties. There are three tasks in particular, however, that Sam Carucci, Vice President, Claims, for the Church Insurance Companies, advises that you make a priority at this time of year.

  1. HVAC Servicing

Get your heating system checked while the weather is still fairly warm. Otherwise, people may find themselves shivering in your facilities during a cold snap.

As Sam points out, an emergency repair is much more difficult to deal with (and pay for) than a routine tune-up.

  1. Automatic Fire Sprinkler Care

It can be easy to forget about your fire sprinkler systems because there tend not to be cues that something needs to be repaired or maintained. One important task is ensuring that there isn’t standing water in the pipes.

“Have the sexton or other volunteer responsible for maintenance push air pressure through the sprinkler system,” Sam says. Not doing so could result in frozen lines that burst during the winter.

  1. Debris Clearing

Unchecked leaf build-up can turn into a big problem. “Get leaf matter and other debris removed from your roof and gutters,” Sam says. If you neglect this task, water or ice dams could form as the weather turns, which then could result in interior leaks.

“None of these jobs requires a large amount of effort or expense,” Sam says about these three tasks that he recommends that you address without fail.

He also notes that now is a good time to take stock of any other necessary improvements or maintenance. Since there may be fewer people regularly visiting your facilities, “you may have extra time to think about special projects. Take advantage of that, and take care of your property.”

Check the Church Insurance website for more safety guidance and answers to common questions.