Fall 2017

Church Publishing Bestseller Addresses Racial Reconciliation

The struggle against racism continues as the dream of a post-racial America remains unfulfilled. Church Publishing, the publisher of official worship materials, books, music, and digital ministry resources for the Episcopal Church, recently published Living into God’s Dream: Dismantling Racism in America, by Dr. Catherine Meeks, a bestseller that addresses racial reconciliation.

A collection of conversations about race in America from Dr. Meeks and other academics and theologians, the book is a report from the frontlines that combines personal stories and theoretical and theological reflections with examples of the work of dismantling racism and methods for creating the much-needed "safe space" for dialogue on race to occur.

The book demonstrates ways in which a new conversation on race can be forged, discusses the reasons why past efforts to achieve racial reconciliation have failed, and explains the need to honor rage and grief as a means to facilitate forgiveness and racial healing. There is also a discussion about whites with privilege and blacks without similar opportunities and what they must do to move the work of dismantling racism going forward.

Finally, the authors discuss dismantling racism in the twenty-first century and how this work must be different from similar work in the past, with suggestions for how we might move forward together on this journey.

You can purchase a copy of Living Into God’s Dream, Dismantling Racism in America at