Fall 2016

Communicating Clergy Pension Plan Revisions with the Church

We continue to communicate pending revisions to the Clergy Pension Plan in advance of their implementation in 2018.

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Clergy Pension Plan Revisions Ready to Enter Next Phase

Following over three years of study and conversation with many stakeholders, we hope to finalize the design of the revised Clergy Pension Plan by the end of this year.

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Socially Responsible Investing Video Series

Alan Snoddy, Managing Director, Investments, discusses socially responsible investing in a series of video Q&As with Chief Ecclesiastical Officer Anne Mallonee.

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Investment Update

As of June 30, 2016, The Church Pension Fund’s investment portfolio assets were $11.6 billion.

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A Commitment to Serve: Barbara Kain

Our Client Services team members are often the first voices clients hear when they contact the Church Pension Group. On average, Client Services has more than 86,000 service interactions per year.

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Rod Webster, General Manager of The Church Insurance Companies, to Retire

After 20 years of dedicated service, we prepare to bid farewell to Rod.

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Meet The Church Insurance Companies’ New General Manager Bill Murray

Learn more about Bill as he takes the helm of The Church Insurance Companies.

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Building Wellness in Ecuador

The Church Pension Group co-hosted a wellness conference for clergy of the Diocese of Ecuador Litoral impacted by the April earthquake.

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New Health Plan Array Offers Meaningful Choice

Changes to health plan options are designed to provide meaningful choices that are delivered cost effectively.

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2016 Annual Report

See a summary of our investment performance, highlights of important corporate initiatives, and stories of employees who are helping us prepare for the future.

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Did You Know?

  • For the year ending March 31, 2016 CPG received $88 million in pension assessments1 and paid out nearly $366 million in benefits.2
  • CPF uses sophisticated financial modeling to stress test its financial position under various scenarios (e.g., prolonged periods of stock market decline). This modeling helps us determine what our asset level must be for us to have confidence that we will be able to meet our benefits obligations well into the future. The models consistently tell us that the Clergy Pension Plan has an appropriate level of assets to weather periods of volatility. We believe the Clergy Pension Plan is appropriately funded, but not overfunded. 

Includes clergy and lay employees; April 1, 2015 – March 31, 2016.

Includes pension and other benefits (medical supplement subsidy and life insurance) paid for clergy and their beneficiaries and for lay employees; April 1, 2015 – March 31, 2016.


Please note that this summary is provided to you for informational purposes only and should not be viewed as investment, tax, or other advice. In the event of a conflict between the information contained in this summary and the official plan documents, the plan documents will govern. The Church Pension Fund and its affiliates retain the right to amend, terminate, or modify the terms of any benefit plans described in this document at any time, without notice, and for any reason. Unless otherwise noted, websites referenced herein that are outside the domain are not associated with The Church Pension Fund and its affiliates (collectively, the “Church Pension Group”) and the Church Pension Group is not responsible for the content of any such website.