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Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Dear Friends,

As we enter a new decade, it is as exciting to look back as it is to look ahead. The Church Pension Group (CPG) has evolved quite a bit over the past 10 years, and our commitment to ongoing discovery and improvement persists. We continue to seek out opportunities to hear our clients’ hopes and concerns and to leverage expertise and innovation in our industries for the benefit of The Episcopal Church.

In this issue of Perspective, we highlight a few examples of our recent work, including leveraging new technology to improve service, negotiating cost breaks on specialty drugs, facilitating ongoing conversations about parity and equity in benefits and compensation, and hosting thought leadership events on shareholder engagement.

The future holds as much promise for us as the success we have enjoyed in the past. On behalf of all of my colleagues at CPG, I want to express my gratitude for the opportunity to continue supporting the Church in the many ways we do. I look forward to proceeding with our work in the year—and the decade—ahead.


Mary Kate Wold

CEO and President


Articles in This Issue

The CPF Board: Chosen by the Church to Serve

Why certain trustee skills and talents are critical to the CPF Board—and to everyone CPG serves

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An Ongoing Conversation

Socially responsible investing along with parity and equity in benefits: hot topics around the Church

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A Healthier Future

Recent updates to healthcare and disability benefits

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Google Earth Shrinks Church Insurance Costs

How satellite imagery helps us appraise buildings more efficiently

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Author’s Corner

Investing in the future of religious institutions while focusing on values

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