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Insights & Ideas - Centennial Conversations

A Chance to Listen, Share, and Look to the Future

The Episcopal Church is changing. We all need to understand how.

In recognition of 100 years of service Church Pension Group (CPG) hosted a series of centennial conversations addressing topics of interest to the church—The Demographics of a Changing Church and Investing for Positive Impact.

Insights & Ideas featured expert panel discussions with thought leaders in the Church, the private sector, and CPG.

  • Panel 1 - The Demographics of a Changing Church examined demographics, deployment, and compensation trends impacting the Church of today and tomorrow
  • Panel 2 - Investing for Positive Impact discussed powerful ways to achieve measurable social and environmental impact alongside competitive financial returns.

To learn more about our expert panels, see videos, or download presentations from each of the Insights & Ideas events, click the links below.

Panel and Event Details