2018 Plan Updates

2018 Plan Updates

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Each year, the Medical Trust reviews the plans offered to members and the health plan vendors to ensure that we address the evolving needs of our members, while seizing opportunities for enhanced value and/or cost efficiencies within an ever-changing healthcare and health benefits environment. Our objective is to provide more meaningful choices and an overall program that both responds to the changing health benefits landscape and continues to meet the unique needs of the plan members we serve.

Based on these considerations, the healthcare plan1 choices for 2018 will include four new health plans. One plan - UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus - will no longer be offered.

Please note: if the plan you selected for 2017 is not offered in 2018, you MUST select another plan for 2018 to continue healthcare coverage.

New Health Plans for 2018

Four new Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) BlueCard plans will be available effective 1/1/2018. Please refer to the 2018 Health Plan Comparison Chart for a detailed comparison of all plans.

  • Anthem BCBS BlueCard PPO 100
  • Anthem BCBS BlueCard PPO 90
  • Anthem BCBS BlueCard PPO 80
  • Anthem BCBS BlueCard PPO 70

Health Plans Not Offered in 2018

The UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus plan will cease to be available effective 12/31/2017. If you have this plan, you MUST select a new plan for 1/1/2018.

The 2018 Health Plan Comparison Chart for the plans offered by your group is available, allowing for comparisons between the plans. 

Ensuring Continuity of Care

The Medical Trust is committed to ensuring continuity of care for all members changing plans who are presently in treatment, including those who voluntarily choose to change their carrier. The Medical Trust partners closely with its health plan vendors, and is here to help you with any transition issues that may arise.

As the initial point of contact, CPG's Client Services team functions as a "client advocate", and will triage calls for effective resolution, no matter the type of issue you may encounter.

  • Questions concerning cost-sharing are often handled directly by these representatives
  • When you require assistance navigating the healthcare system, Client Services may also refer you to Health Advocate or your new plan’s customer service, as appropriate
  • For calls related to a care transition concern, Client Services will facilitate assistance from our Clinical Director

Prior Authorization

When you change health plans, our vendors follow established procedures to share data on prior authorizations, so that members receiving ongoing care can continue to receive it following their January 1 effective date of enrollment. Examples of such treatment include physical and speech therapy, elective surgery, maternity care, and chemotherapy. In these instances, the current health plan provides the new plan with standardized reports capturing prior approvals, including any special “one-off” care arrangements. The Medical Trust then works with both vendors to coordinate a smooth transfer of care from one provider to the next. In general, the process for obtaining prior authorization for care does not vary significantly from one plan to another. You can also expect your new health plan to provide the same standard of care as your previous plan.

Network Participation

You can confirm your current doctor is in a prospective plan’s network by using the provider directory found on that plan’s website.  You may also confirm network participation directly with your physician.

For questions concerning continuity of care issues, please contact Client Services at (800) 480-9967, Monday - Friday, 8:30AM - 8:00PM ET (excluding holidays) or Health Advocate at (866) 695-8622,

Every group does not offer every plan. Please check with your group administrator for the plans available to you.

Health benefits are offered through plans maintained by Church Pension Group Services Corporation (doing business as The Episcopal Church Medical Trust), 19 East 34th Street, New York, NY 10016.

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