Steps to Wellness Six Week Program

Well to ServeSteps to Wellness Six Week Program

Learn more about this exciting program and the goal of getting you on a path towards better health. (1:06)

Weekly Program Videos


The Secret To Weight Loss

Peter K Learn about how many calories you should be eating to lose weight, keep it off,
and be healthy. (3:37)

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Week 1: Nutrition and Weight Loss

The Secret to Reading Food Labels

Peter KConfused about what is really in the food you're eating? Learning how to read food labels can help you make more informed and healthier choices when buying your groceries. (7:47)

Week 2: Exercise

The Best Types of Exercise

Peter K

Learn simple and effective ways to build muscle
and burn fat while exercising. (2:01)

$5 Lunches Under 500 Calories

Peter K

Watch this video to find inexpensive lunches you
can make that will provide you with great energy
and respect your budget! (3:45)

5 Minute Greek Salad

Peter K

Peter K shows you how to make a low calorie,
low-fat Greek salad. (5:33)

Advanced Workout: Total Body – No Equipment

Peter K

Peter K demonstrates effective, total body, workout techniques
– no equipment needed. (6:01)

Week 3: Mind and Body Motivation

Why We Lose Motivation and Sabotage Our Health

Peter K Learn an effective technique to overcome weaknesses and understand
why we lose our willpower. (2:30)

Week 4: Stress

Wall Street Stress

Peter K

Feeling stressed? Try this simple yet effective stress management technique that can lower your stress level, lower your blood pressure and help release toxins from your body. (2:43)

Ten Great Snacks Under
200 Calories

Peter K

Make the decision to include heart healthy snacks as part of your daily diet.
Learn which types of food include fiber, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and omega 3s and are less than 200 calories. (5:21)

Stress Strategy –
Don’t Take It Personally

Peter K

This stress management technique will help you feel better instantly and lower your blood pressure. A therapist once taught it to Peter K and now he wants to share it with you. (2:05)

Week 5: Ergonomics and Injury Prevention

Relieving Back Pain

Peter K

Learn 5 minute exercises to relieve back pain. (4:07)

Exercising With Pain

Peter K

If you have pain, the good news is you don’t have to stop exercising. Learn some great exercises you can do when dealing with pain. (4:50)

Ergonomics: Sitting Secrets

Peter K

Does your neck hurt sometimes after sitting at your desk for a long time? Learn ways to sit properly and ease pain. (4:06)

Week 6: Mentors and Leadership

Being a Health Leader in the Church: Motivating and Helping Others

Peter K Peter discusses ways to be Well to Lead and how to share your talents
as a health leader in your community. (1:51)

Healthy Breakfast Menus

Select your number of calories per day to get 8 healthy breakfast options to help meet your goal.

Healthy Dinner Menus

Select your number of calories per day to get 8 healthy dinner options to help meet your goal.

Healthy Lunch Menus

Select your number of calories per day to get 8 healthy lunch options to help meet your goal.

Healthy Snack Menus

Special Dietary Menus

1,600 calories is the midpoint for recommended calories per day.

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