Province II

The Provincial Coordinators for Province II are The Rev. Robert and Sue Legnani.

Diocese Chaplains

No Chaplain

Central New York

Mrs. Kira Dirghalli
The Rev. Tom Margrave
The Rev. Jeffrey Knox

Long Island The Ven. Canon Jerome Nedelka
Mrs. Ruth Nedelka

New Jersey

Atlantic Convocation

Burlington Convocation
Camden Convocation

Monmouth Convocation
Northern Convocation

Watchung Convocation
Woodbury Convocation

The Rev. Robert Legnani
Mrs. Sue Legnani
The Rev. Cn. Donald Muller
Ms. Lynn Muller
The Rev. Cn. Dr. Alan K. Salmon
The Rev. Patrick Close
Mrs. Diane Close
The Rev. Mark Van Sant
The Rev. Karin Mitchell
The Rev. Cn. Leroy Lyons
Ms. Michelle Graham-Lyons
The Rev. Ann C. Holt
The Rev. Brian Burgess

New York

The Rev. J. Doug Ousley
The Rev. Michael Shafer

Newark The Rev. Thomas Laws
Ms. Oneida Mendez-Laws
Rochester No Chaplain
The Virgin Islands The Rev. Dwight Ogier
Western New York

The Rev. Terry Bull
Ms. Candi Ann Bull
The Rev. Deacon Patricia Guinn

The Convocation in Europe

The Rev. Daniel Conklin