Province III

The Provincial Coordinator for Province III are Ms. Elaine Klein and The Rev. Richard Kukowski.

Diocese Chaplains
Bethlehem No Chaplain
Central Pennsylvania The Rev. Dn Jane Miron
The Rev. Dee Calhoun
The Rev. Dr. John Emmert
The Rev. Pete Greenfield
Delaware The Rev. David Archibald
The Rev. Celeste Cox
The Rev. Edward Godden
Easton The Rev. Kenneth Thom
Mrs. Arlene Thom
Maryland The Rev. William Dunning
Northwestern Pennsylvania The Rev. Deacon Patricia Guinn
Pennsylvania The Rev. Mary Jo Melberger
The Rev. Bud Holland
The Rev. Glenn Matis
The Rev. Louis Temme
Pittsburgh The Rev. Arthur Dilg
Southern Virginia The Rev. Alan Mead
Southwestern Virginia

The Rev. Dr. Robert Copenhaver
The Rev. James Hubbard

Virginia The Rev. Barbara (Bambi) Willis
Washington The Rev. Richard Kukowski
Ms. Elaine Klein
The Rev. Nan Peete
West Virginia No Chaplain

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