Province IV

The Provincial Coordinator for Province IV are The Rev. Dr. Robert Cook and Mrs. Sandy Cook.

Diocese Chaplains
Alabama The Rev. Bill King
Mrs. Patricia King
Atlanta The Rev. Dwight Ogier
Mrs. Babs Ogier
Central Florida

No Chaplain

Central Gulf Coast

Ms. Sheila Campbell
The Rev. John W Phillips, II
Mrs. Ann V Phillips
The Rev. Richard Schmidt
Mrs. Pam Schmidt
The Rev. Joseph Hagberg

East Carolina The Rev. Nan Chandler
East Tennessee The Rev. Donna Brown
The Rev. Ken Brown
The Rev. Buckley Robbins

The Rev. Cn. John Wesley
Mrs. Sandy Wesley

Georgia Mrs. Chris Phelps
Kentucky The Rev. Dr. Georgine Buckwalter

The Rev. Bruce Boss
Mrs. Virginia Boss

Louisiana No Chaplain
Mississippi The Rev. James (Bo) Roberts
Mrs. Pam Roberts
North Carolina
Charlotte Convocation
Charlotte Convocation
Durham Convocation
Durham Convocation
Durham Convocation
Greensboro Convocation
Greensboro Convocation
Raleigh Convocation
Raleigh Convocation
Winston-Salem Convocation

The Rev. Colette Bachand
The Rev Verdery Kerr
The Rev. Rebecca Holmes
Ms. Connie Johnshon
The Rev. Dr. Peter Thomas
Ms. Carolyn Thomas
The Rev. Dr. Robert Cook
Mrs. Sandy Cook
The Rev. Middleton Wooten
The Rev. Dr. Jo Ann Wooten
The Rev. Barbara Cooke

South Carolina

The Rev. Dr. Jennie Olbrych
The Rev. Marshall (Dow) Sanderson

Southeast Florida The Rev. Ralph Warren
Southwest Florida

The Rev. Canon Christopher Gray
Mrs. Paula Gray
The Rt. Rev. Barry Howe
Mrs. Mary Howe
The Rev. Kathy Schillref
Mr. Harold Schillref
The Rev. Glad McCurtain
Mr. James McCurtain
The Rev. Susan Post
The Rev. Edward (Ed) Henley
Mrs. Sheryl (Sherre) Henley
The Rev. Jim Puryear
The Rev. Fredrick (Fred) Robinson
Mrs. Linda Robinson

Tennessee The Rev. Eugene Wise
Mrs. Janelee Wise
Upper South Carolina The Rev. Dr. Paul (Bill) W. Greeley
The Rev. Wayne Kinyon
The Rev. Canon John (Phil) Purser
Mrs. Kay Purser
The Rev. Dn. Carolee Quinn
The Rev. Bernadette Sullivan
The Rev. David F. Thompson
Mrs. Virginia Thompson
The Rev. Phillip Whitehead
Mrs. Eleanor Whitehead
West Tennessee The Rev. Bill Burks
Mrs. Jan Burks
The Rev. Anne Carriere
Western North Carolina The Rev. Ross Jones
Mrs. Gwin Jones
The Rev. Rich Biega
Mrs Betsy Biega
The Rev. Larry Britt
Mrs. Martha Britt

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